Ο Πρώτος Πρεσβύτερος Δον Αλεχάντρο, μας μιλάει για το Dreamspell (= Ονειρικό Ξόρκι;)

Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Speaks About the Dreamspell - Except (Greek Subtitles)

Τρίτη, 1 Μαρτίου 2011

Sun Sign: STORM (KAWOQ*CAUAC) ~ Tone: 6 - Flow, Kin 019

Tzolkin: 6 Kawoq
Long Count:

Kawoq is the day of advocates, defenders, judges. Day of the heat of the rod of authority, women's day that warms the heart of your home with motherly love. Is the energy that brings rain to give us good crops. Kawoq is synonymous with versatility, music, paint and imagination. Day of the power of nature and of the elements.





Tone: 6 - Flow, Sun Sign: STORM (KAWOQ*CAUAC)
(7th Day of Galactic cycle)



The number 6 is the number of ultimate stability. In ancient Mayan mythology, the World Tree itself is called “6 Raised-Up Sky,” and I have noted that it is the “Place of Number 6,” the hill called Paclom, which represents the axis mundi or world center in contemporary Momostenango. Don Rigoberto Itzep teaches that there are 6 components which establish the vitality of a family system: 1) Health 2) Understanding 3) Work/Employment 4) Friendship 5) Property or Possessions 6) Positive and Negative Actions.

Cauac (Kawoq) The Universal Community: The sign of the Divine Feminine, signifying wives, female healers, and especially midwives; thunder, lightning, cyclone; spiritual unrest and mental conflicts; spiritual contacts and communication; blood lightning/signs, signals and messages in the blood. This day is sometimes said to signify the celestial home of the gods. Upon this day, we pray that there may always be harmony in our home lives and among our friends. Like the previous day, it is auspicious for all matters regarding health and healing. It has a special connection with women and with feminine energy.



Main Maya glyphs


6 Kawak
6 Kawak


12 K’ayab’
12 K’ayab’

Night Lord




Personality traits for those born on

Tone: 6 (Flow)

  • Calming
  • Steady
  • Growth
  • Stabilizing
  • Improvements
  • Flow
  • The movement of volume through space creating time. Six is the energy of negotiation and responsiveness. Think of the art of dance or the play of a great athlete to see this energy in action. Six energy facilitates dynamic developments and improvements in all aspects of life. Tone Six energy is invaluable for keeping long range projects on course. Tone six provides stabilizing and balancing factors for the growth of creative energy, and the fulfillment of a plan. This frequency assists long range projects to come to fruition, There is a place for slow, steady growth. Tone six provides fuel for the long haul. Tone six help stabilize change in all things.

    Cauac - West


    The Mayan name for this day was Cauac(cow-AHK), which means storm, thunder, and rain. The glyph appears to contain clouds and symbols that also appear on drawings of the celestial dragons, which bring rains and storms. The Guatemalan name for this day, Ayotl, means turtle. The day-sign is linked with rain as this animal, as well as the frog, are depicted as coming down with the rain.


    Positively, Cauac is a youthful, restless, friendly, helpful, and compassionate day-sign. Such people are multifaceted and often accomplished in several areas. One of the most obvious characteristics of this friendly day-sign is their youthfulness. Cauac people often choose careers that involve them with children, or they may occasionally just act like children. Those born under this sign are often mentally active and talkative. They are good learners and often become teachers or counselors. A concern for the welfare of others, especially the public, is common in those born under Cauac. They have a strong intuition and can improvise when in a tight spot. Cauac types are more inclined to imitate than to innovate. They respect tradition and the forms created by those who came before them, whether in are, science, or business. Those born under Cauac generally have an interest in the deeper meanings of life. Many are drawn to the study or practice of religion, spirituality or philosophy. They are often found working in the medical or psychological fields. The cleansing and healing process has a special importance for those born under this day-sign. Many born under Cauac become doctors or healers of some sort. Their natural instincts to protect and nurture, combined with excellent intuition, technical aptitude, and a mind capable of grasping details, makes them well-suited for such work.


    To develop the ability to teach and to heal.


    To study under a master. Cauac


    Beneath the 1-Ix surface personality is a challenged communicator, a person who struggles with self control, a person who is an explorer of the human condition. Critical events occurring in Ix peoples lives, such as deaths or other powerful transformations, my cause them to turn inward and keep their feeling and thoughts to themselves. People born during Ix trecena need to be realistic about responsibilities and not shirk from them or take on too many.

    G-5 (North)

    This Lord is positioned at the midpoint of the series of nine. A person under the influence of G-5 seeks to be at the center of a group and will sometimes use others to get there.

    One of G-5's greatest challenges is to act from their centers and not to use or be used by others. People born under the influence of this lord become deeply involved in relationships but, for the most part, also struggle with them. They are sensitive people and they tend to be touchy about a number of things, including their own expectations. Because they seek perfection, they are sensitive to disappointments, and often need to develop more realistic expectations and avoid putting the burden of realitonship failures onto others.

    Idealistic and compromising by nature, G-5 types are rarely content with the choices they have made. Their dark side includes a tendency to hold distorted opinions or to have over-inflated expectations of others.

    At their worst, they can be blamers, blind to the reality that they are the cause of their own problems. Recognizing this pattern can be a tremendous step forward in a G-5's spiritual progress. These types need to be with others who are stable and helpful, and avoid those who could worsen their fears. They also need to be accepting of others. It is their own beliefs about relationships that both their problems and their solutions lie. A prominent moon, an emphasized seventh house, and Scorpio/Pluto are found in the charts of those born here.




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