Ο Πρώτος Πρεσβύτερος Δον Αλεχάντρο, μας μιλάει για το Dreamspell (= Ονειρικό Ξόρκι;)

Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Speaks About the Dreamspell - Except (Greek Subtitles)

Τρίτη, 8 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

Ηλιακό Σημείο: Πυρόλιθος (TIJAAX*ETZNAB) ~ Τόνος : 11 - Αποφασιστικότητα, Κιν 258

Τόνος : 11 - Αποφασιστικότητα, Ηλιακό Σημείο: Πυρόλιθος (TIJAAX*ETZNAB)
(7η Ημέρα του Γαλαξιακού κύκλου)


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Sun Sign: FLINT (ETZNAB) ~ Tone: 11 - Resolution, Kin 258



An explanatory note regarding February 11, 2011 and March 9, 2011

Dear Friends,
I have got so many emails from people asking about February 11, 2011 versus March 9, 2011 that I feel it is necessary to write a special note about this particular issue, where I am largely responsible for the confusion myself. The question is: What is the beginning date of the Ninth wave? To address this I need to backtrack somewhat.

When I started my independent work on the Mayan calendar late in 1993 I already suggested two things that seemed controversial and unorthodox: One was the proposal that there were not only one, but nine waves, (underworlds, supports, levels of evolution, long calendars) of different frequencies of different durations that were creating the universe. A second was the proposal that the end date of the True Long Count is October 28, 2011. Naturally both of those assumptions came under attack by various people who had concocted suggestions as to what would happen on December 21, 2012, without foundation in Mayan texts. I however argued that the use of the Mayan calendar had undergone significant changes over the ages and the only criterion we could apply when it came to finding its true form would be that this actually would explain evolution in all of its aspects and would be useful for making predictions.If it was not reasonable useful for this why take an interest in the Mayan calendar to begin with? Such a criterion of rationality would have to be applied also to the Universal Underworld, which however at the time seemed to be far into the future
and thus not completely clear to me.

Regarding the beginning of the ninth wave I thus wrote in my first book in English Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001): "The short Universal Cycle of 2011, probably totaling 13 x 18 = 234 days, but possibly 260 days..." leaving an opening to the orthodox answer that it would just be another traditional tzolkin count starting February 11, 2011 (which has the added appeal of being an amazing palindrome date (11.02.2011 in international notation)). This quote reflected a vacillation or uncertainty on my own part not certain whether I could introduce a third unorthodoxy such as the return of the nine day count. Before taking such a step I wanted to feel a little more secure that my overall model of nine levels all completing on October 28, 2011 was true (that is to say accurately described the evolution of consciousness and the emerging paradigm shifts). In the Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co 2004) I place more emphasis on the final 260 day tzolkin round as the duration of the ninth wave (and so did, I think, always Ian Lungold who did so much to spread my work). Nonetheless, also in this book I wrote ("or possibly, if it is one twentieth of the Galactic Underworld, 234 days; I cannot tell yet," page 216). The point here is that there is nothing that has changed, but rather a vacillation on my own part that has now come to an end. In the early nineties, when these notions were first developed, I had a much less certain view of how the Mayan calendar was going to evolve.

February 11, 2011 (1 Imix) thus remains the beginning of a tzolkin round and may for this reason be a cause for celebration for anyone following the traditional Mayan calendar. It is only that on my own part I tend to think that the experience of its inherent rhythm will be broken up by the ninth wave starting March 9, 2011, in which DAYS and NIGHTS are each 18 = 9+9 days long. The tzolkin I believe will remain an undercurrent of energies whose power will however come to be superseded by a 18 = 9 + 9 day rhythm. It was Robert Gunn who through a manuscript he had sent me prompted me to lean over to these 234 days as the duration of the Ninth Wave. But generally, you might say that the fact that the two earlier mentioned unorthodoxies have now been verified, or at least given tremendous additional support, gives me the confidence to place the emphasis on the March 9 date as the beginning date of the Ninth wave. What I am referring to here is partly the support from the Tortuguero monument, which in no ambiguous terms states (http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/the_tortuguero%20_monument.htm) that indeed we are up for the simultaneous manifestation of nine waves (and not just one Long Count) and partly the verification of the October 28, 2011 date through my predictions about the Fifth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. To the latter should be added the arguments that are presented in my interview in three parts on YouTube with Mayanist Mark van Stone (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSu-SWJILQU) that December 21, 2012 cannot be the end date of the true Long Count (it is the end date of the Izapan Long Count, which is another matter) and that the ancient Maya who developed this calendar system were not at all interested in solstices (which is more of a thing for the currently dominating northern cultures of our planet).

If you ask me today I would then say that February 11, 2011 is the beginning (1 Imix) of a new tzolkin round of 260 days, but that March 9, 2011 is the beginning of the 234 day long ninth wave or the Universal Underworld. Naturally, some may react to my earlier vacillation with surprise, but the fact is that an explanation to the Mayan calendar is not cut in stone anywhere. Even the Tortuguero monument can only be made sense of with a background of all cosmic evolution in its entirety and when I started my work this monument was not even known. You also have to see such a monument in the right perspective and use your critical faculties in trying to make sense of such an archaic text.

To uncritically just take over a date or concept from the ancient Maya without further verification is much like saying that something is true just because it is written in the Bible. Clearly ancient peoples did see a lot of things we mostly are not able to see and so they may guide us, but in terms of overall factual knowledge the modern world is vastly ahead of the ancient world. Despite this knowledge basis whatever view we endorse regarding the Mayan calendar our models will always involve assumptions and interpretation that will require our best judgment (and putting our own egos aside). In doing so I feel that there are a few rules that we need to follow. One is not to base any aspect of the calendar on a personal (such as your own birthday) or local (such as the solar zenith in Izapa) agenda. Another is that the calendar should be able to describe the evolution of consciousness and the paradigm shifts through which this is expressed. Most importantly we need to follow a model that is process-related that accurately describes the processes that we want to co-create.
Carl Johan Calleman



Main Maya glyphs


11 Etz’nab’
11 Etz’nab’


11 Pax

Night Lord




Personality traits for those born on

Tone: 11 (Resolution)

  • Potential
  • Change
  • Link between Heaven and Earth
  • Connection
  • Resolution
  • Improvement
Tone eleven connects. It is concerned with the space between motions. Change is necessary for new ideas to come to fruition. Eleven is dynamic, holding the space open where new creation will ultimately solidify. Every new creation has to find its space in the universe. In the process of fitting in, some modifications must occur. These changes are the energy of Eleven. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions facilitating change, simplification and improvement. To those born with this energy, some persons are put off by too much change. Maybe you have noticed?

Etz'nab - North


The Mayan name Etz'nab (its-NOB) translates as something like "Knife" or "sharp implement". The glyph for the sign may indicate a blade, and the same design was frequently found depicted on the tips of spears.


Those born under Etz'nab are social, but also often practical, mechanically inclined and well coordinated. Family life, parties, group ev ents, love affairs, and partnerships can become very important, and sometimes even obsessive, to those born under this day-sign. They simply cant help being excited when around others. Their ideas about how relationships should be maintained may be in direct conflict with their own needs, which they tend to downplay and on some level, they are angry about this trait. For the most part, they are polite, compromising, and self-sacrificing people, but when pushed, they tend to have hot tempers. While they will avoid a conflict by repressing their feelings for a time, when finally pushed to far, they will explode with pent-up rage, or at least say things that others wouldnt expect them to say. They are often extremely interested in the more technical aspects of what they do, and they have a good head for detail. They are adept at solving mechanical problems, working with tools or even masterin g finger coordination for a musical instrument. These are people who thoroughly enjoy sharing a discussion on some technical subject with others. The great weakness of those born under Etz'nab is their vanity. They can be very self absorbed both in their work and in regard to their appearance. The great strength of this day-sign is the level of personal sacrifice it bestows. Etz'nab people, for whatever psychological reason, will put their own interests aside in order to meet the needs of others who, hopefully, appreciate such gestures.


The tendency to choose self-interest over se lf-sacrifice or to solve other peoples problems.


To share and to let others take leadership. Etznab


Beneath the 1-Lamat surface personality is a competitor and fighter. This aspect of character may not always be apparent to others until they get to know the Lamat person well. Lamats secretly love a confrontation and will take risks in life in order to create conflict. These people prefer a life of competitive challenges rather than one of routine, and they should try to meet those needs in non-destructive ways, such as through running a business.

G-2 (East)

These types are dedicated to their work re gardless of whether they are employees, run their own business, do volunteer work, or merly do work around their own homes.

G-2's sense of responsibility is quite high. Others may perceive them as obsessive and compulsive and inclined to do more than needs to be done.

G-2 people are hard workers, stubborn and often quite thorough about attending to details. Personal sacrifice comes naturally to them and one of their most basic reactions in any situation is to stand aside for others who assert themselves.

G-2's are ambivalent about being the boss, and they maneuver themselves into jobs or situations where they can take orders from above. Most people see them as polite, accommodating, considerate and respectful. An important life lesson for G-2 types lies in making their personal sacrifices meaningful.

Another lesson comes from learning to focus their tremendous capacity for giving. Their dark side lies in excessive self-denial. Many of those born under this influence have strong Neptune placements in their Western birth charts. Neptune is a planet that represents loss of self and a willingness to make a personal sacrifice.



Tzolkin: 11 Tijax
Long Count:

Special day because it is a reminder of the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. A day of creation and revelation of the cosmos. It is the Nahual [spirit, teacher] of healers, doctors and curers. Tijax is the sign of strong and courageous people, collaborators, friendly and loving. It is the energy that opens the door to rain. Represents agility in space and time.



Tone: 11 - Resolution, Sun Sign: FLINT (ETZNAB)
(7th Day of Galactic cycle)




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Nahual: ZÜNDSTEIN (TIJAAX*ETZNAB) ~ Ton: 11 - Entschlossenheit, Kin 258

Krafttiere:Hai und Schwertfisch, Symbol der zentrierten Energie des Schwertes
Bedeutung:Die Kraft des weissen Schwertes und des schwarzen Schwertes, Symbol der Kraft und Konzentration der Energie, sowohl im Licht als auch im Schatten.
Farbe:Weiss Rot Schwarz
Günstiger Tag für ... :Probleme und Hindernisse im Leben klären, Entscheidungen treffen. Die Extreme im Leben in Balance bringen und unsere Emotionen zügeln. Dunkle Energien mit dem Schwert durchtrennen mit der Hilfe des blauen Strahls der Klarheit
Tagessatz:Das Schwert in meiner Hand erlaubt mir, Licht und Dunkelheit in meinem Leben in Ausgewogenheit zu bringen und negative Bindungen zu durchschneiden
Ritual:Eine blaue Kerze anzünden

Bedeutung:Die Elf, Anschein des Kaos und der Unordnung, doch in sich Träger des Wissens um den nächsten Schritt, folgend einer höheren Ordnung





Kraft des Messers für: Gerechtigkeit-Freiheit - Klarheit - Befreiung & Unterscheidung

Norden Chalchiuhtotolin ~ Prunkvoller Truthahn der Nacht, Spiegel, Messer, Trennung,
Kämpfer der 1. Reihe,starke dualistische Sichtweisen, streitlustig -nehmen Gegensätze zu ernst. Das Wissen darum, kann aber auch umgekehrt
( Spiegel) zum Heilen und zum lösen von Konflikten hin zur Harmonie entstehen lassen. Spiegel der Wirklichkeit.
Als ein geschlagener Feuerstein, sind diese Menschen die Gottesfunken der Intelligenz. Die angeborenen geistigen Anlagen von ETZNAB-Menschen werden gebraucht, um Gefühle von Tatsachen zu unterscheiden.
ETZNAB-Menschen stehen dafür, dass sie unermüdlich, andere durch das persönliche Opfer schützen, zu verteidigen oder zu heilen wissen. Das Schwert der Wahrheit mutig ausübend, werden Falschheiten damit abgeschnitten. ETZNAB-Menschen, so wird gesagt, erhalten Informationen über zwischenmenschliche Schwierigkeiten oder bösartige Angriffe von anderen durch die Reflektion in einem obsidianen Spiegel.
Ihr tapferer Dienst als Krieger der Wahrheit muss tadellos sein, oder sie werden Leiden erfahren von Unfällen, Missverständnissen und Klatsch.

Verbringen Sie Zeit im Nachdenken und der Selbstbeobachtung.

~Um schwierige Krankheiten zu heilen - für Operationen, nicht selten ein Zahnarztbesuch, um Gesundheit zu

~Trennen, abzuschneiden, befreien...von : negativen Energien, Unglück, Unfälle, Feinden, allem was uns
einsperrt und trennt, schlechte "Freunde", Verleumdung...

~Es wird leichter gestritten an diesem Tag und auch Streit geschlichtet

Beschreibung der Glyphe: Es ist der obere Teil der Mühlsteine. Klar sichtbar sind die einzelnen Teile. Repräsentiert den Ausgang der Höhle von Taltuza, repräsentiert auch den Punkt eines Obsidianobjektes.

Tijax wörtlich: schneiden

Symbol für die Kraft des Beendens und Stoppens von Investitionen.

Tag um fehlgeschlagene Pläne und Investitionen zu beenden, und um sich von physischem und psychischem Druck zu befreien.

Repräsentiert das Haus von Chay in Xib’alb’a‘.

Doppelseitiges Obsidianmesser, die Kraft des Donners, der Blitz.

Es ist das Positive und das Negative, die Dualität.

Astrologisch: Zeugung im Zeichen TZ’I (OC) und ihre Zukunft ist KEME (CIMI)

Tagesenergie: um für die Gesundheit zu bitten, heilen von schweren Krankheiten.

Nawal: Schwertfisch, Schleiereule, Tukan, Obsidianstein

Regiert folgende Körperteile: Zähne, Nägel, Zunge, Gehirn, Nerven, Poren

Kraftvolle Plätze: Klippen, Wasserfälle, Grotten, Höhlen, Gewitter mit Blitzen

Aspekte die die persönliche Entwicklung fördern: Momente von Schmerz um durch die spirituelle Weiterentwicklung zu gehen.

Förderliche Gefühle und Seelenzustände: Schmerz, Traurigkeit, Angstzustände, Verzweiflung

Charaktereigenschaften und Berufung: Heilen Krankheiten, außergewöhnliche Chirurgen.

OptimistInnen vor den schwierigen Situationen des Lebens, Stark, Mitarbeiter, Wissende, praktizieren die menschliche Liebe. Die Gewalt gefällt ihnen nicht. Können SchamanInnen sein. Sind gute Freunde, gutes Gespür für körperliche Anzeichen, interpretieren die Zeichen von den Zeremonien und der Träume, HellseherInnen, HumanistInnen, Intuitiv, Prognosen stellen, ehrlich, anständig, spirituel, nehmen die Probleme ihrer Nächsten wie die eigenen und lassen sich nicht wegen der Leidenschaft schleifen. GynägologInnen, AnalystInnen, KriegerInnen, PolitikerInnen, StrategInnen und GeschäftsführerInnen der Justiz. Wie Schamanen sind sie prädestiniert um das Blutopfer zu geben, um die schwierigsten Lebensprobleme im persönlichen oder sozialen, zu lösen.

Elf - JU'LAJUJ' / Sensibilisierung

Jede neue Schöpfung muss ihren Raum im Weltall finden. Im Prozess "des Einfügens" müssen einige Anpassungen vorgenommen werden. Diese Änderungen bewirkt die Energie der Elf. Elf ist die Energie von dynamischen Handlungen, die Änderung, Vereinfachung und Verbesserung erleichtert. Von denjenigen, die mit dieser Energie geboren wurden, werden einige von zu vielem Wechsel abgestoßen. Dieser Strahl der Sensibilisierung und Entdichtung berührt alle feinstofflichen Dinge und möchte alles Sensibilisieren . Mit den Qualitäten des Nahuales, die in der Verbindung mit dem Klang 11 stehen, sollte sehr sensibel und fein umgegangen werden.
Menschen mit diesem Strahl nehmen sehr empfindlich allerlei Dinge auf
allen Ebenen wahr und so werden diese Menschen auch ohne Schulung
mit der Zeit immer Sensibler auf alles was ihnen begegnet.



Ton: 11 - Entschlossenheit, Nahual: ZÜNDSTEIN (TIJAAX*ETZNAB)
(7te Tag des Galaktischen Kreis)



Sonnenzeichen Feuerstein (TIJAAX)

Feuerstein (TIJAAX)

Ton 11 - Entschlossenheit

11 - Entschlossenheit
Kraft der Freiheit und Befreiung - wird heute verändert und verbessert.
Trecena/Welle: Q´ANIL
7te Tag des Galaktischen Kreis


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