Ο Πρώτος Πρεσβύτερος Δον Αλεχάντρο, μας μιλάει για το Dreamspell (= Ονειρικό Ξόρκι;)

Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Speaks About the Dreamspell - Except (Greek Subtitles)

Παρασκευή, 22 Απριλίου 2011

Day Sign: Chuen / Monkey / Ozomatli / Monkey (West) ~ Tone: 6 (Flow), Kin 071


Tone: 6 - Flow, Sun Sign: MONKEY (B'AATZ'*CHUEN)
(2nd Day of Universal cycle)



The number 6 is the number of ultimate stability. In ancient Mayan mythology, the World Tree itself is called “6 Raised-Up Sky,” and I have noted that it is the “Place of Number 6,” the hill called Paclom, which represents the axis mundi or world center in contemporary Momostenango. Don Rigoberto Itzep teaches that there are 6 components which establish the vitality of a family system: 1) Health 2) Understanding 3) Work/Employment 4) Friendship 5) Property or Possessions 6) Positive and Negative Actions.
CHUEN (B’ATZ’) MASTER OF ALL THE ARTS: Signifies weaving the thread of life, time, development, and movement. It is the nawal of all the arts, of weaving, of the artists. Upon this most auspicious day, we may voice our intent that all we have requested from the universe may be freely given to us. This day is sometimes called “Monkey,” and monkeys were the mythic patrons of the arts in ancient Mayan lore. This is an auspicious day for all artistic projects. In fact, it is an auspicious day to begin projects of any sort, for this day-sign also represents “the thread of life,” the weaving of the loom of existence. This is the best day upon which to be married. Chuen is an auspicious day, and especially favorable for marriage or any other kind of union. In some Mayan communities, traditionalists do ceremony on 9 Chuen to honor the spirit of women. Female Daykeepers in particular often keep this tradition.



Personality traits for those born on

Tone: 6 (Flow)

  • Calming
  • Steady
  • Growth
  • Stabilizing
  • Improvements
  • Flow
  • The movement of volume through space creating time. Six is the energy of negotiation and responsiveness. Think of the art of dance or the play of a great athlete to see this energy in action. Six energy facilitates dynamic developments and improvements in all aspects of life. Tone Six energy is invaluable for keeping long range projects on course. Tone six provides stabilizing and balancing factors for the growth of creative energy, and the fulfillment of a plan. This frequency assists long range projects to come to fruition, There is a place for slow, steady growth. Tone six provides fuel for the long haul. Tone six help stabilize change in all things.

    Chuen - West


    The Mayan name for this day-sign, Chuen(chew-EN) translates as artisan or craftsman. Among the Quiche Maya, the name for this day is Batz, which is the term for monkey. The glyph for the sign are very stylized, though some appear to show the head of a monkey. Like the Aztecs, the Maya linked this sign with the arts and the crafts.


    Chuen types are frequently attention getting, artistic, clever, and demonstrative. They are often found working, or at least interested, in the performing or communicative arts. They seek attention from others and are quick learners, interested in everything around them. Actors, artists, musicians, designers, and writers make up an unusually large percentage of people born on this day. They also make good teachers and salespersons. It is the cultivation and development of the personality that is the core issue for Chuen. Although they are socially active, they often struggle in close intimate relationships, needing the contact but wishing for more variety. They enjoy "playing the field", which is just another way of getting attention. This distance in relationships may be appealing to others, and it adds to the mystery of their character. Their sexual drives are strong and motivate them toward relationships, but commitment is their greatest challenge. Chuen is communicative and curious, like a monkey, and people born under this sign learn at a fast pace. Mentally they can handle details, but they excel at generalities. Leadership positions come naturally. By nature, they are not followers and therefore the choice is either independence or leadership. This need to be the center of attention may be a response to a deep social insecurity.


    To stay with one thing long enough to become good at it; to actualize their creative potentials in ways that are not debilitating to themselves and that wont result in distancing them from close companions.


    To apply creativity; to be artistic and to explore the secrets of nature. Chuen


    Beneath the 1-Cimi surface personality is a person with a strong commitment to the community. Cimi people will sacrifice time for others, though they are often not sure just why it is that they do so. They have an extremely strong sense of tradition and are attracted to history and antiquities. They are ultimately down to earth people with deep concern for preservation of the family, community and nation.

    G-3 (East)

    Many born under this Lord seem to have a strong need for respect from others. They are serious people who are occasionally insecure, but they often occupy a prominent position in life, or at least feel that they should be publicly recognized for their actions.

    Some people born under G-3 project this need onto others; they may associate with or be married to a person who is powerful in the outside world. They have high expectations for themselves and often for others, and they work hard to achieve their goals. In doing so they may neglect relationships, or may simply make pragmatic choices in this area in order to accomplish their tasks. This dedication can lead to a lopsided emotional life and can occasionally raise questions in the minds of others about a G-3 persons basic motivations.

    G-3 types seek the limelight and recognition for their accomplishments, but they may work under the shadow of another person, such as a father or another authority figure. They see value in apprenticing and learning from their elders. One of their tasks in life is to learn how to be an authority in their own right. This need is something that G-3's meet through earning it, rather than by acquiring it through association.

    Their strength lies in their persistence and dedication to greater learning and improvement. Their dark side lies in their internalized, critical parent, the voice that judges. Sun/Saturn combinations are the Western astrological correlation for this lord.






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