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Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Speaks About the Dreamspell - Except (Greek Subtitles)

Τετάρτη, 30 Μαρτίου 2011

Sun Sign: STAR (Q'ANIL*LAMAT) ~ Tone: 9 - Patience, Kin 048

Tzolkin: 9 Q'anil
Long Count:

Symbol of the regeneration of the land, the return of birth after death, as with the growth of the sacred corn. Q'anil represents vitality, fertility. It is a day associated with plants and all living things that have seeds. Q'anil is a day to give thanks to the Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth, by nature, plants, for human beings and especially for the four colors of corn that are between us. Q'anil, a day of procreation and the pregnancy of woman. Energy in fertility to be human, plants and animals.



Tone: 9 - Patience, Sun Sign: STAR (Q'ANIL*LAMAT)
(1st Night of Universal cycle)



The number 9 is an extremely positive one, even though it is an odd number. It is often used for ritual purposes. Inscriptions surviving from Classic times (200 – 900 CE) indicate that 9 was the day most favored for the timing of coronations and other important ceremonies. 9 is often called “the number of life” because it represents the process of human gestation; there are nine months of human development prior to birth. Because of this, the number 9 is especially associated with women, particularly since the 260-day cycle is comprised of nine lunar months. Some Mayan teachers have pointed out that in their traditional culture there are nine steps in the construction of a house and nine stages to growing and harvesting crops. There are also 9 Lords of the Underworld, but this is not necessarily the astrological significance of 9, a number whose symbolism is overwhelmingly positive.
LAMAT (Q’ANIL) THE REGENERATION OF THE EARTH: Signifies seed, corn, pride, harvest, and food. It is the nawal of all kinds of animal and vegetable seeds. It is the day of fertility and harvests, abundance, prosperity; auspicious for initiating any planting or business negotiation. This day signifies the four colors of corn – red, black, white and yellow. This is a wonderful day for farmers or simple planter box gardeners, for upon this day we ask that the world may be made to blossom and be made fertile. We may plant ideas and projects as well as flowers; any relationship or business venture which begins on a Lamat day will usually turn out favorably. It is traditionally associated with the planet Venus.



Personality traits for those born on

Tone: 9 (Patience)

  • Link to higher frequencies.
  • Interconnectedness.
  • Soft Blanket.
  • Comforting.
  • Direct Link.
  • Perspective.
  • Patience.
  • Staying Power
The energy of Nine is one of getting a better perspective of the bigger picture. With the energy of Nine, plans or patterns begin to come to completion. With the energy of Nine, patience and perseverance found in the bigger picture are strong or there is great suffering for the lack thereof. The completion of cycles of action is all-important to Nine. Tone nine energy is the built in energetic signature that runs along the communication frame work of creation; the grid system. In fact, it is the grid system. Tone nine provides the added juice to reach any aim. Use this tone to ride the Light Waves! To experience Nine is to more easily and deeply experience one's connection to God.

Lamat - South


The Mayan word Lamat (la-MAHT) referred to the planet Venus, the "great star". The glyph for this day was the sign for the planet Venus itself, and in some variations is a celestial dragon with markings signifying Venus. Drunkenness is suggested by this symbolism also, because the Mayan conception of Venus included the notion of inebriation.


Lamat is energetic, busy, nervous, quick and playful. Those born under it are moving constantly and are always busy with something. They are intelligent, but somewhat paranoid, and can at times be self-destructive.

They usually appreciate a good fight. Lamat is a sign of cleverness, games and competition, and it produces people with active minds who must always be doing something. Intellectual challenges such as debating, arguing, and deal-making appeal to them.

Many are drawn into the business world where competitiveness and cleverness are assets. They also have a great need for physical activity and are sometimes known for their nervous bodily movements.

Some exercise; others dance. But all Lamats need to keep moving about. These are people who can do enormous amounts of work in very little time and not seem to be tired for it. They have a great fondness for music and humor, but they can also be argumentative, working against their own best interests at times.

Many born on Lamat are performers or entertainers. They can be quite egocentric, but they are not as confident of their abilities as one would think. Their capacity for subtlety of mind causes them to be interested in details, mysteries, intelligence-gathering work, psychology and the occult.

They tend to be suspicious of every new person they meet, though once they know you they can be very loyal friends.


To keep themselves under control so as to be able to finish things.


To carefully select friends and lovers and to avoid extremes and excesses. Lamat


Beneath the 1-Ahau surface personality lies a self that is romantic and attracted to a glamorous lifestyle. Such a person may find success in a life in fashion or as a performer or public personality. The greatest weakness of Ahau people is in matters of relationship. In this area they tend to be idealistic and can often make poor choices that lead to problems.

G-7 (West)

Persons born under this lord are strongly motivated by relationships; they like to partner, and they enjoy working with the public. Many born on this day are excellent consultants, teachers, or healers. They like the finer things of life, or at least have more than a casual appreciation for quality, and they deeply enjoy music or art.

G-7 types want to be in control of their outer world because their inner world is not so controllable. Their level of sexual desire is very strong, and they often feel a need to repress such urges so as not to disturb their social life.

Some bury themselves in work in an attempt to deny these deeper urges. This repressive approach doesn't always work, and impulsive behaviors may result in social disturbances that can would them deeply.

Even thoughts may make a G-7 feel guilty. Sometimes these types will apply a kind of self-inflicted punishment in order to make amends. At their best, they will find ways to creatively explore their deeper urges through art or through various healing modalities. This process may lead them to become a healer of others. The common astrological signatures found in charts of those born on this day are a strong Venus/Libra emphasis and also the sign of Virgo.






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