Ο Πρώτος Πρεσβύτερος Δον Αλεχάντρο, μας μιλάει για το Dreamspell (= Ονειρικό Ξόρκι;)

Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Speaks About the Dreamspell - Except (Greek Subtitles)

Παρασκευή, 11 Μαρτίου 2011

Sun Sign: OFFERING (TOOJ*MULUC) ~ Tone: 3 - Action, Kin 029

Tone: 3 - Action, Sun Sign: OFFERING (TOOJ*MULUC)
(1st Day of Universal cycle)



Main Maya glyphs


3 Muluk
3 Muluk


2 Kumk’u
2 Kumk’u

Night Lord




Personality traits for those born on

Tone: 3 (Action)

  • Playful
  • Active
  • Joy
  • light
  • Happiness
Movement, Communication. Three energy is very eloquent in all types of self-expression. The basic movement being a vibration, Three persons are rhythmic to the core. They are often restless, as motion is their nature. By working closely with the energy of Three, any person becomes more able to predict motion of all kinds. The frequency of three is filled with light, movement and activity. It lightens the darker energies that pervade the world today. Tone three frequency can restore the spirit, put life and situations into perspective and bring balance. People born with the Tone Three energy will tend to ignore the problems of life. A Tone Three day is a good day to communicate, express, move and stir the pot!

Muluc - East



The Mayan name for this day, Muluc (moo-LUKE) appears to refer to water, though it may also refer to jade, a symbol for water, suggesting that it was precious as well as green and blue. The glyph itself is probably that of the head of a fish.


Muluc is emotional, imaginative, psychic, romantic and fantasy prone. Some born on Muluc have a natural flair for the public life as a performer- and they can be capable of transferring their strong emotions to the audience. Many become successful performers or artists, while others associate themselves indirectly with show business or romantic lifestyles. Persons born under this sign struggle with powerful emotions and urges, and they have the ability to dominate others by expressing their strong feelings. In some cases, these people are very deep emotionally, have a strong sexual nature, or are interested in things that are sometimes considered normal in primitive societies but uncouth in modern life. Their strong feelings often lead to compulsive and addictive behaviors, or on the positive side, they lead toward the emotion-driven achievement of goals.

People born under this day-sign are inclined to take risks, which can sometimes lead to great success and unforeseen opportunities. They are great dreamers and are sometimes psychic. For many, this intense connection with the subconscious manifests as creative, artistic ability and vision. This day-sign has an extremist quality that can lead to great success-these people are not moderates.

Muluc confers a strong and independent mind that can solve problems intuitively. They may have problems with responsibilities, however, a characteristic that is traceable to their childhood experiences. With good parental role models, they will find success later in life more easily.


To handle self-control and responsibility issues.


To seek consistency and persistence, which will help control and focus the emotions and support leadership endeavours. Muluc


Beneath the 1-Manik surface personality is a person who struggles with issues of freedom versus security. Manik people display an urge to take off for parts unknown, but they also demonstrate a desire for the security of home and family. Because the struggle with this conflict leads people to discover unique solutions, they often become innovators or creators of a somewhat unconventional personal lifestyle. Frequently they have unusual interests of an investigative or searching nature.

G-6 (West)

Persons born under this Lord seem to be self-controlled, practical, traditional, and markedly entrepreneurial.

They often create a self-sufficient kind of lifestyle or career and may be self-employed.

They have a strong desire to build things and are very hard workers. Their work is rarely of a solitary nature; more often than not, they deal directly with the public, perhaps as a consultant or counselor.

They take responsibility for themselves and are very self-reliant, but this makes other people less important for them in the process of achieving happiness.

They are strongly motivated by fame and worldly success, and they hold themselves to high standards of performance. They are driven to success in the world because they strive to be accepted by others. Their drive for independence and approval is part of a quest for self worth. This inner insecurity is their dark side, and they need to ask why they drive themselves so hard.

They are sensitive to the rhythms and nuances of life and may develop a special interest in and respect for the feminine side of life. Overall, however, their intentions are good and others recognize this fact. Mars and Saturn are often prominent in their charts, along with the sign Leo.



The Number 3 relates to the three worlds of the Mayan cosmovision – Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. It also symbolizes the three original hearth stones laid down by the Creator Gods. (In traditional Mayan homes, three stones can still be found on wooden stoves to hold the comal or tortilla griddle.) But 3 can be a difficult number nevertheless. Carl Jung, objecting to the notion of a Trinity, said that the number 3 is incomplete. The Maya would agree. This is a difficult number, and implies doubt, risk, uncertainty. Many traditional Daykeepers avoid initiating new projects on a 3 day.

MULUC (TOJ) OFFERING: Signifies offering, liberty, equilibrium, payment, a fine or a debt. This day is related to two elements, being the nawal of Water in its manifestation of rain, also of the Sacred Fire as in the Mayan Fire Ceremony. Upon this day we humbly acknowledge our karmic debts and assert our intention to “pay it all back” by placing our lives in harmony. Make atonement for all disequilibrium and be thankful for all that is in balance.



Tzolkin: 3 Toj
Long Count:

Toj symbolizes the suffering that is caused by sin. This day is indicated for offering the Creator invocations for everything that surrounds us. Toj is the honoring and balancing of justice, love, communication and reunion. It is a warm sign and therefore sensitive and magnetic.


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