Ο Πρώτος Πρεσβύτερος Δον Αλεχάντρο, μας μιλάει για το Dreamspell (= Ονειρικό Ξόρκι;)

Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Speaks About the Dreamspell - Except (Greek Subtitles)

Τρίτη, 12 Απριλίου 2011

Day Sign: Imix / Crocodile / Cipactli / Alligator (East) ~ Tone: 9 (Patience), Kin 061


Tzolkin: 9 Imox
Long Count:

Symbol of the unseen forces in the universe, manifested in dementia. Day when the forces of nature are like dangerous storms, simultaneously a day which proposes order and balance with disorder.

Imox is the name of all things hidden or secret. It also represents the left side, left arm whose mission is to help the right arm to perform an effective cooperation with the Heart of Heaven, Heart of the Earth in the unfolding of the world and humanity.



The number 9 is an extremely positive one, even though it is an odd number. It is often used for ritual purposes. Inscriptions surviving from Classic times (200 – 900 CE) indicate that 9 was the day most favored for the timing of coronations and other important ceremonies. 9 is often called “the number of life” because it represents the process of human gestation; there are nine months of human development prior to birth. Because of this, the number 9 is especially associated with women, particularly since the 260-day cycle is comprised of nine lunar months. Some Mayan teachers have pointed out that in their traditional culture there are nine steps in the construction of a house and nine stages to growing and harvesting crops. There are also 9 Lords of the Underworld, but this is not necessarily the astrological significance of 9, a number whose symbolism is overwhelmingly positive.
Imix (Imox) The Left Hand: Signifies the left side of reality, hence receptivity, receiving messages from other dimensions, and the ability to see into other worlds; but also madness, disorder, nervousness, uncertainty and doubt. It is a sign of cooperation, for the left arm must cooperate and work well with the right. It is the nawal of the ocean, a day for healing illnesses of the mind, for giving thanks and asking for rain. The world is filled with psychological perils and stresses. Upon this day we pray for good mental health, both for ourselves and for all those around us. We pray that our dreams and visions may bring us beauty and wisdom rather than delusion and craziness. Since this day has a strong connection with water, to be close to a flowing river or stream or the ocean is beneficial upon this day.



Personality traits for those born on

Tone: 9 (Patience)

  • Link to higher frequencies.
  • Interconnectedness.
  • Soft Blanket.
  • Comforting.
  • Direct Link.
  • Perspective.
  • Patience.
  • Staying Power
The energy of Nine is one of getting a better perspective of the bigger picture. With the energy of Nine, plans or patterns begin to come to completion. With the energy of Nine, patience and perseverance found in the bigger picture are strong or there is great suffering for the lack thereof. The completion of cycles of action is all-important to Nine. Tone nine energy is the built in energetic signature that runs along the communication frame work of creation; the grid system. In fact, it is the grid system. Tone nine provides the added juice to reach any aim. Use this tone to ride the Light Waves! To experience Nine is to more easily and deeply experience one's connection to God.

Imix - East


The Mayan name, Imix (ee-MISH) or Imox, is a word that the authors believe refers to the earth god and consequently to Earth itself. The Mayan glyph for the day has been compared to a womans nipple, a symbol of nourishment. Imix also has connections with the ceiba tree, a giant tree usually found growing in the old town plazas, that symbolizes growth from deep within the earth (from its core, to be exact).


Imix types are often constantly at work, usually trying to maintain the integrity of their world. They are energetic, rigid, creative, and initiating.

They have intense emotional power and a need to be deeply involved in whatever they do, a need that must be used creatively or it may become a source of problems in relationships. Imix types have strong nurturing instincts, are quite sensitive, and require privacy.

They are not always comfortable sharing feelings. They are protective and dominating in a parental way and often struggle psychologically with the voice of an internalized critical parent.

Persons born under Imix can be assertive and even aggressive in some ways. Many feel rejected by their families or parents, and in compensation, seek group friendships that make up for this loss. Some become founders of businesses, organizations or associations. They relate to the world around them through their feelings and not their intellect. This causes them to be quite reactive to any changes taking place around them, and they often rush in to keep the "dam from breaking", so to speak. This reactive nature is probably behind their tendency to initiate activities.

They are often found breaking new ground or starting projects from scratch. When motivated, the Imix type will work incessantly until emotional security has been restored and stabilized. When they do achieve emotional security, however, they may become extremely lazy and even lethargic.


To accept themselves completely and to become free from feelings of rejection by parents or other authority figures; to join with others on terms that are shared by the others; to refrain from being judgmental.


Founding a business or creating a home. Learning to be independent. Imix


Beneath the 1-Ben surface personality is a person who seeks constant self-improvement. Such people have a strong need to persuade others, to conquer their enemies, and to achieve their objectives. While they make good teachers and role models, they also have a tendency to be somewhat self-righteous and overconfident of their own opinions.

G-2 (East)

These types are dedicated to their work regardless of whether they are employees, run their own business, do volunteer work, or merly do work around their own homes.

G-2's sense of responsibility is quite high. Others may perceive them as obsessive and compulsive and inclined to do more than needs to be done.

G-2 people are hard workers, stubborn and often quite thorough about attending to details. Personal sacrifice comes naturally to them and one of their most basic reactions in any situation is to stand aside for others who assert themselves.

G-2's are ambivalent about being the boss, and they maneuver themselves into jobs or situations where they can take orders from above. Most people see them as polite, accommodating, considerate and respectful. An important life lesson for G-2 types lies in making their personal sacrifices meaningful.

Another lesson comes from learning to focus their tremendous capacity for giving. Their dark side lies in excessive self-denial. Many of those born under this influence have strong Neptune placements in their Western birth charts. Neptune is a planet that represents loss of self and a willingness to make a personal sacrifice.



Tone: 9 - Patience, Sun Sign: Crocodile (IMOX*IMIX)
(1st Night of Universal cycle)






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